CARAT is live – Letter from Eli Avidar


Dear partners, supporters and friends,


It is with great pleasure and pride that I write to you announcing the launch of our much-awaited CARAT digital token. The world’s first diamond-backed token is now live and ready to propel the first financial market for diamonds forward.

It has been a long and busy year. Our team worked around the clock for over a year, developing the technology behind our platform, and forging strategic partnerships with some of the most prominent experts and companies around the globe. The process has been one of much learning and excitement – I can’t begin to name the countless people who have helped us along the way, as well as all the members of our incredible community. The support and blessings we have been receiving have been a source of tremendous strength and confidence as we have overcome many challenges to finally make our digital currency live.

Our tokens are now ready and available for purchase, with each coin backed by a real diamond stored in the vaults, giving it strength and stability. You can visit our site to see the selected exchanges where the CARAT is already listed.

With the CARAT tokens ready, the stage is set for our ultimate purpose and vision – establishing the first financial market for diamonds. These shiny gems have been treasured by cultures around the world for thousands of years. However, due to the complexity of their evaluation and their exchange, they remain the final valuable natural resource without a mature commodity market. By pairing the physical rocks with our digital coins, we have made global transactions possible. Together with out sophisticated Diamond Pricing Algorithm, a full financial market for diamonds is now within our grasp.

I speak for myself and for the whole team when I thank you for your support and invite you to participate in our exciting project.


Sincerely yours,

Eli Avidar