shines at exclusive blockchain seminar in Tokyo

Diamond-backed ICO invited to speak at a meeting with local crypto enthusiasts

Coming off the back of exhilarating presentations in the past month in Russia, Germany and events in Japan, the team had another impressive showing at a Tokyo seminar for blockchain enthusiasts. The meet-up was attended by some of the premier local tech and industry players, who came to hear a number of pitches by blockchain-based start-ups. Representing the team was Yuta Sato, the company’s Japanese representative. Sato presented the company’s concept and vision while explaining how the Carats team is applying blockchain technology to the traditional diamond industry. in tokyo

“At events like these, it becomes clear what is unique about Carats, what we bring to the table,” Sato summarized after the seminar, “There are an endless number of companies in the blockchain industry, each claiming to bring a ‘revolutionary’ application of the technology. Most of these companies either don’t provide any real-world product or application, or don’t truly add value to traditional industries and processes. With Carats, we are using cryptocurrency to revamp a billion dollar industry that has been around for centuries, while dealing with a tangible commodity – diamonds. Carats is a great example of what is truly exciting about blockchain technology.”

Sato was not alone in his enthusiasm. A number of those in attendance caught up with Sato as the seminar concluded, eager to exchange contact information and ask additional questions regarding the project. Meanwhile, the seminar organizers offered to put the Carats team in contact with the major diamond players in both Japan and India (an industry giant). “Such interactions and engagements strengthen our global presence and enhance our brand recognition,” Sato concluded, “On a personal note, each time I see the enthusiastic responses to our vision, I can’t help but feel invigorated, emboldened and excited to be part of such a transformative project”.