Discover Nature`s crypto coin

The world’s most attractive investment has been hiding in open sight. While most people have been dealing with stocks, real estate, and recently, cryptocurrencies, the asset going strongest – diamonds – has somehow stayed under the radar.

These rare gems are officially known and scientifically proven to be the most concentrated stores of wealth that exists on the planet. However, investing in such stones has been limited to a select few: the extremely wealthy and those with special expertise – until now., an ambitious start-up from Israel, is utilizing cutting-edge technologies to create the first financial market for the diamond industry. Their team has developed a sophisticated algorithm to standardize and automate the evaluation of diamonds, while building a blockchain platform and digital currency to make the trade in the gems more accessible.

carats diamondsWhile this may all sound fascinating, the question remains: What’s in it for you? Why should you invest in diamonds?

Let’s go back to the first paragraph. Diamonds are the world’s most attractive investment. The prices of these rare stones has been steadily rising since 1959. The reason behind such a trend is simple – people keep on finding new, additional uses for diamonds. While many of us may only associate diamonds with going down on one knee and hoping she’ll say yes, the fact is that diamonds are a central component of many industries, including electronics, health and hi-tech. This, combined with the rarity of naturally-occurring stones, means that the increase in their value is a practical guarantee.

While much of the world has been looking at the red-hot ‘moons’ associated with the crypto scene as the frontier of investments, the truly exciting asset may also be one of the oldest – the newly commodified diamond industry.

This is what makes the project so exciting. By combining one of the world’s most established and valuable resources – diamonds – with the decentralized and democratic structure of the blockchain, they have upgraded the existing diamond industry for a first of its kind financial investment.

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