Meet the Team

A mix of established names from a variety of fields, together with talented, bright prospects – this is the team that is building the first financial market for diamonds.

When it comes to startups, it’s common knowledge that even the best idea can fail to get off the ground without a strong, talented team behind it. That’s why we spend so much time and energy handpicking each one of our team members, to ensure that we get the right team to get the first financial market for diamonds ready and running.

We bring you here a brief introduction to each one of our squad members so you can see for yourself the skill, experience and talent found at the offices.

Avishai Shoushan – CEO

MBA from Recanati Business School at Tel Aviv University. Avishai is the team’s expert in all things management, ensuring that all aspects of the machine are running smoothly. Before diving into the diamond industry, he oversaw the sale of two of his previous companies. ClicksMob, his most recent venture prior to, was named among Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America.” ClicksMob was sold to online performance marketing giant, XL Media in February 2017.

Daniel Alush – VP of Business Development

Double Major B.A. in Entrepreneurship and Business Administration IDC Herzliya. Daniel is a senior advertising, technology and media executive with over 8 years of experience in sales, business development, and media buying, planning and operations. He boasts a proven track record of expanding new and scalable businesses by building innovative sales strategies, executing strategic partnerships, developing talented teams, and successfully partnering with internal cross-functional departments.

Dor Eligula – Marketing and Business Development

Masters in Corporate and Business Law from Bar-Ilan University. During his days as a student and intern, Dor immersed himself in corporate management, finance, law, and international trade. He and his twin brother, Or, joined the startup world as eSports gamers before moving into the blockchain space.

Gabriel Diamant – Chief Product Officer

BA in Economics and Management from The Technion, and an MBA from Tel Aviv University Over the last 10 years, Gaby has risen through the ranks of the executive finance world, ultimately managing a division with an annual turnover of 100M NIS (nearly 30M USD). Most recently, he’s leveraged his experience in profit modeling as a licensed investment consultant and mentor at Technion’s startup accelerator. Gaby is the team’s token-based economy expert.

Nathaniel Bodinger – Lead UX/UI Designer

Nathaniel studied Visual Communication at the Avni Institute of Art and Design and User Experience Design at NetCraft Academy. With vast experience in design ranging from print, to web, to mobile applications, Nathaniel is a one-stop shop for everything design.

Or Eligula – Operations

As part of Or’s studies and specialization in commercial law, he focused on the establishment of and relationships between companies, finances, the international trade. Both Or and his brother made their way into the fast-paced world of tech startups through their gaming activities.

Yuta Sato – Strategic Communications

Yuta has experience of user tracking and data analytics in the field of online marketing as a member of Metaps Inc. which is the first Japanese listed company that launched an ICO. Through communication with Asian users at LINE Fukuoka Corp., he also has contributed to overseas expansion of Japanese leading IT companies.

Mor Hazan – Product Manager

Industrial and Management Engineer from The Technion. Mor began his journey into the entrepreneurial world at an early age, and by 18, he was managing a local real estate agency. Since graduating from the Technion, Israel’s Institute of technology, he’s been hard at work at several startups in operations management.

Moshe Torban – Software Architect

Experienced Software Architect with more than 18 years of experience and a demonstrated history of working in various industries. Vast hands-on experience with software architecture and design, different frameworks, databases, and cloud technologies.


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