This is Millennial`s last chance to stop getting screwed financially

With so many challenges and obstacles, this generation needs to grab new, technologically-driven investment opportunities by the horns

Things are tough for millennials. While income levels have stayed nearly the same for the past decades, costs for college, houses and many basic products have been rising steadily. More and more of these young adults finish their degrees wide-eyed, and ready to work and establish families, only to find themselves facing a hostile world, with insurmountable obstacles and little real chance of making it. In the age of globalization, many of our young are simply being brushed aside, excluded from the job market, and left to mire in their own debt.

This grim reality is painfully real, yet, as always – a challenging period always reveals exciting opportunities ripe for the taking for the sharp-witted.

The dizzyingly fast pace of technological development, disrupting the world as we know it, is also unlocking markets and industries that had previously been exclusive and closed to all but a select few (generally, the wealthiest one percent). Without making any headlines, new investment opportunities are opening up around us.

One example is the diamond industry. Perhaps the only asset whose value has been consistently rising for decades, these shiny stones are becoming an essential ingredient in some of the most cutting-edge industries. However, the market for diamonds has traditionally been extremely closed, being controlled by a select few dealers who ensured that only those with enough money and the right connections could enjoy the returns of what has been proven to be the most concentrated form of wealth on Earth.

This monopoly is starting to crumble. New technologies, such as the blockchain and machine learning techniques are being employed by a number of ambitious start-ups to open the doors to one of the world’s oldest and most valuable commodities. One,, has even taken on the mission to develop the first financial market for diamonds. This would allow anyone, even a fresh-faced college graduate with little capital but a lot of brain, to invest and earn with these precious gems.